The Difference


What Makes Us Different


Music Express only sends out our 2 DJ team. This is so important to your event because we are able to help the whole event run smoothly. We can work directly with a wedding coordinator or fill that role ourselves. Many DJ Companies just send out 1 DJ on the day of your event. Why take that risk on your special day? 

Sound Equipment 

We use only professional mobile DJ equipment that looks and sounds great! The equipment is customized to fit your needs and is presented tastefully. We do the job right with everything included in your package price.

Effect Lighting

In all of our packages we offer LED lighting at no extra charge. Our lighting is all new technology lighting that looks sleek and has no color when not in use.

Wireless Microphones

For your event we provide you with wireless lapels and hand-held microphones at no additional charge. Our competitors can’t say that!  We make sure that your ceremony can be heard. Even the smallest of ceremonies need microphones to help create a rich sound.


Most DJ companies will offer base packages at 3 hours to make the initial price sound inexpensive. The truth is that most events, especially weddings, average from 5 to 6 hours or more. At Music Express, we have longer base packages so you will know your total cost up front.


Many companies will charge travel fees to make extra profit. Music Express has no charge for travel up to 1 hour from our home base in Salem, Oregon.